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2017| 08| 28
Dornenkönig on Tour with

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Dornenkönig at Gassefescht in Teufen/Switzerland>

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2017| 05| 15

Dornenkönig at Sunstorm Festival 2017

With a different name and concept, Dornenkönig played the Sunstorm festival 2 years ago. Now after an extensive UK tour and new material the band are back to play Sunstorm again this year ! Behind their regal sounding name

(Dornenkönig means Thorn King) is a 5 piece German language rock band whose songs get right under your skin, encompassing the whole spectrum of emotions from anger to joy, fear to hope , melancholy to euphoria The outstanding lyrics delve into the uncomfortable truths of harsh reality delivered with power and passion by Dornenkönigs magnificent performance .

2017| 05| 13
Thank you very much! You are the best!!
Over 2,500 people have voted for us! We are number 1 in the ranking for the Haigern live! Open Air Festival 2017!
On May 15, we will find out the jurys final decision as to whether we have made it through to open the Haigern Live Festival as competition winners, and even if we don´t make it we already feel like winners having such great fans like you ! Many thanks for your support you are simply the best!